Welcome to our web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our ministry.

Agape Mission Projects is a ministry designed to support the sending of missionaries and the funding of certain projects related to
missionary work. The funding is provided through fund raising events and other means.

In November of 2012 we joined the staff of Sharing His Light Ministry in a mission trip to Nigeria, West Africa. On this particular trip Co-
Founder Mr. Terry Phillips encountered a young child in the jungle.  

This is his testimony:

"In an outlying Nigerian village, I stood alone near the jungle or “bush”. I turned and noticed a small girl about three or four who had
quietly appeared. She was alone. She seemed to have stopped in mid-step – sort of a crouched position. She wore only an undergarment. Her
hair was tangled. I walked towards her smiling. She did not move. I touched her forehead and talked to her – no response. She looked at me
nervously but also curiously. I wondered if she had ever seen a white person. Carole then returned from the pit toilet and stood by me. Now
this little girl is seeing two very curious looking people. She stood still. We went on and I was left wondering if she had been one of the
“bush children” that we had been told about - children who have lost their parents to aids or other causes and often live in the bush. The
encounter has haunted me for I will never know."

Our first major project is to build an orphanage for village children like the one mentioned above.
Agape Mission Projects